Jason Hayes was born in Willingboro, New Jersey. His father, an honorable Navy veteran, and mother, a dedicated nurse, hailed from Opelousas, Louisiana. Jason, the baby of the family, has an older sister and brother. After a decade in Jersey, the Hayes family returned to the South in the 80’s.

Jason’s mother, a nurse, inspired him to go into medicine.

Jason’s mother, a nurse, inspired him to go into medicine.

After the Hayes family returned to Opelousas, Jason’s parents divorced. During this time, Jason and the rest of his family had strong support from his mother. As a nurse, Jason’s mother improved the quality of life of others including his brother who has epilepsy and uncle who had Down Syndrome. Just like his mother Jason aspired to improve the quality of life of people. At the age of 13, he set his sights on becoming a healer – a physician.

Jason excelled academically in school. This afforded him the opportunity to participate in the American Legion Boys State Program. At this program, Jason ran for office and inspired his peers with a unscripted speech about unity. This propelled him to become a peer elected state representative. These experiences at the American Legion Boys State Program gave Jason a greater sense of purpose. Subsequently, he graduated in 1995 from Opelousas Senior High School with high honors along with numerous scholarships.

In the fall of 1995, Jason began his studies at the historic Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans. While gaining a valuable education, he participated in school community service programs. These experiences taught Jason the value of community service. After completing his studies in the fall of 1998, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with honors.

Jason's grandfather, who proudly served in WWII and Korea, showed him the importance of service.

Jason’s grandfather, who proudly served in WWII and Korea, showed him the importance of service.

Jason began his journey in medicine in August 1999 at Meharry Medical College in Nashville. During medical school, Jason participated in several internships including a biochemistry bench research experience at Meharry and an epidemiology internship at the Centers for Disease Control. Yet, the internship that peaked Jason’s interest was under the Honorable Jim Cooper of Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District. This Congressional internship taught him that you can impact people beyond the hospital walls with public service. Jason graduated in May 2004 with his Doctor of Medicine and Master of Science in Public Health degrees with honors.

In June 2004, Dr. Hayes embarked his new career as an internal medicine resident at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. At this institution, he honed his skills as a physician. For his strong efforts, Dr. Hayes was bestowed with the Texas Primary Care Resident Award in 2006. After completing his training in June 2007, Dr. Hayes completed his Board Certification in Internal Medicine.

Accepting the call to service, Dr. Hayes graciously began his career as a public health doctor with the National Health Service Corp (NHSC) in the fall of 2007. Over the next 4 years, Dr. Hayes provided quality healthcare to underserved communities in Tennessee. During his service commitment, Dr. Hayes was active with the American College of Physicians (ACP). He served as a young physician representative, leadership day patient advocate, chairman for his chapter’s scientific meeting, and member of the executive board. Dr. Hayes even served as a health policy advisor and participated as a sub-committee chairman for Tennessee’s Adult Oral Health Emergency Care Consortium. For his efforts as a young emerging leader, Dr. Hayes was elected as a Fellow of the American College of Physicians (FACP). This designation, FACP, is one of distinction and leadership in the field of Internal Medicine. At the end of his public health service commitment in 2011, Dr. Hayes left the program with a greater appreciation for service to mankind.

Dr. Hayes opens up his practice in Alpharetta.

Dr. Hayes opens up his practice in Alpharetta.

After working in various positions, Dr. Hayes relocated to Georgia in 2015 to practice Internal Medicine. During this time, Dr. Hayes learned the importance of business in healthcare. As a result, he decided to enroll in the spring of 2016 at the Physician Executive Master in Business Administration (MBA) Program at Tennessee’s Haslam College of Business in Knoxville.

At this institution, Dr. Hayes developed a multitude of business skills from the fields of economics, finance, accounting, marketing, crisis management and organizational leadership.  He graduated with the Physician Executive MBA in the fall of 2016. With this vital education, Dr. Hayes opened his own medical practice in the city of Alpharetta.

Like many Georgians, 2020 was a difficult time. Covid infected our great nation. Many people suffered economic hardship and lost their lost lives. Like many, Dr. Hayes worked hard to keep his small business open. However, he had to endure the pain of his own brother almost dying from Covid. Running for public office became an afterthought. However, Dr. Hayes prayed. His small business survived but more importantly his brother’s life was spared. Dr. Hayes saw this as grace and developed a renewed interest in public service. This time it is the battle against Covid-19. 

Subsequently, Dr. Hayes ran and won his primary race for Democratic Nominee for State Representative in House District 49 (North Fulton). In the general election, Dr. Hayes ran a strong race against a long-time Republican incumbent. Given this showing and tremendous support from Georgia voters, he developed a stronger commitment to public service. As a battle tested candidate, Dr. Hayes welcomes the opportunity to push Georgia forward as your next Lieutenant Governor.

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